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Top 9 Social Media Platforms For Business In 2021

Arguably, Social media is the most durable and free communication platforms that can help you turn your business into a massive success by sharing useful and precise content. Social media platforms are the most crucial tool to promote your business products, services and increase brand exposure rapidly in 2021. Social media sites help in reaching those people who haven’t heard of your brand and business yet. It acts as audience converter tool means social media sites helps to make brand visibility, drive leads & sales, and reach new markets using tremendous business strategies. If you are curious to know about top social media sites for the business that will help you achieve your business goals by connecting with the right audience, you have come to the right blog post.  

Here, we list the best social media marketing platforms so you can do marketing more efficiently to boost your brand awareness and presence online. We would suggest you check these top social media sites for business to see how they will optimize your business performance and how they will fulfil your unique desires. Let’s take a glance on top 9 social media platforms for business:

1. FB –


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in this list, it has a minimum of 3 billion monthly active users. It allows connecting with family, friends, entrepreneur and stranger across the world. You can leverage Facebook as a powerful marketing tool to engage your audience, advertising business and collection reviews. More than 70 billion businesses are using Facebook pages. Facebook is a powerful communication channel which simulates talks and worthwhile connections between individuals. There are more than seven billion marketers & advertisers continuously promoting their business on Facebook by sharing videos, content posts, stories, live videos and images. 

Being one of the greatest social media platforms with more than 3 billion active monthly users, Facebook is good to offer advertising and marketing options to businesses of all sizes and shapes. If you want to use only one social media site to boost your brand awareness and reaching new audiences, choose only Facebook.

2. Twitter –


Twitter is a fast-paced and streamlined social media platform, which has 200 million averagely monetize daily active users. It allows users and brands to share trending news and information via short messages – as called “tweets.” It helps to provide real-life updates and use creating industry authority. With Twitter, you can make your reputation as an authority in the market by sharing useful, meaningful and informative content.

3. LinkedIn –


It is a crucial social media platform on the web for reaching potential employees and business to business prospects. LinkedIn has more than 700 million registered users across the globe. You can easily market and grow your business worldwide on LinkedIn using a range of tips. Let take a glimpse on these following tips that will help you make strong brand awareness, generate powerful leads, and build strategic connections.   

  • Keep completing your LinkedIn Profile to get a better opportunity to impress viewers.
  • Make an eye-catching Organization’s LinkedIn Page exhibit company profile.
  • Target your audience and goals
  • Improve your organization page for a better search to increase visibility among the individuals.
  • Increase Your Page Followers
  • Publish regularly engaging, compelling and informative content on your organization page.
  • Utilize rich media contents like images, videos, PDFs and PPTs to capture attention and enhance engagements.
  • Define your best content to reach the professional audience and to attract followers.
  • Achieve your marketing goals by creating LinkedIn ad campaigns.
  • Get advanced with conversion tracking using analytics.

With LinkedIn, you can promote your content (including articles, e-books and other forms), generates new leads and recruit new employees. Whether your organization is hiring, keeping an agile LinkedIn account can assist feasible candidates to learn about your job opportunities. And if you share news about your organization and employees, you can exhibit them what it resembles to work at your business.

4. YouTube

best social media marketing platforms

YouTube is a video platform where billions of viewers come to watch billions of funny, educational, lifestyle and technology videos every day. Nowadays YouTube has become one of the best marketing tools for promoting businesses, agencies, corporations, companies and individuals talents worldwide using the internet. Having over 2 billion active users monthly, YouTube considers as the second biggest search engine after Google besides being the second largest social media platforms in the world. Being the leading video platform, YouTube allows users to upload videos and watch them. In this fast-growing world, every people have become addictive of gloating videos instead of reading contents, articles and blogs. 

YouTube is the best video platform for demonstrating business products & services and highlighting company tutorials & culture by connecting billions of users through videos. YouTube channel provides your business with the best opportunity to share organization content wither over 30+ million day by day active clients who are probably going to watch it.

To elevate your brand presence online, you can make a YouTube channel for your organization & company where you can upload videos for your subscribers to like, comment, view, and share. Being the best powerhouse for any of your video requirements, it counts as the best platform for sharing music, dance tutorials and videos as well as live streaming content across the internet. In my opinion, YouTube is the best place to advertise your brand online by using YouTube ads because it has access to Google’s advertising platform. Besides, you can get the best chance to earn money online directly from your YouTube shorts videos through Google’s AdSense delivering regular video contents.

5. Pinterest –

most popular social media for business

Pinterest is a massive image-centric social media network that will help you in promoting your brand’s products and services rapidly. It is often considered high engagement gaining social media platform that gives you the right way to build a business and individual story with enticing pictures. Having more than 291 million monthly active users, Pinterest provides the simplest way to connect with potential customers and drive heavy traffic directly to your company and product pages.

Pinterest is one name that pops up in mind when you want to run an eCommerce business. It acts as a promotional tool to increase your business leads, sales and revenues. This social media firm permits you to upload individual photos (like product photos) with a link (like to a product page) and with short descriptions (like product & service related information). With this social media platform, you can also utilize rich pins to convey more contexts to an article, recipe, product, and app pins, and utilize their advertising choices to reach more potential users.

Additionally, Pinterest gives the best organic traffic capabilities that other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter do not. This gives businesses a better opportunity to deliberately design their content to contain words that are searched loads on Pinterest, without utilizing additional promoting dollars!

6. Instagram

best social media marketing platforms

Instagram is one of the leading social media sites for businesses who want to make your brand presence online by sharing photos and videos. It is not a heavy text-based social media platform. You can use Instagram as a valuable advertising & marketing tool by sharing visual content for creating your unique brand & business identity. Instagram is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. It has more than 1 billion active monthly users. Instagram has access to the best exclusive fan base and advertising social media platform equal to the FB Messenger app. If you’re a B2B organization in the industry, you can make use of it to share behind-the-scenes pictures of your organization.

Instagram Live video and Instagram stories feature is an excellent way to enhance your social visibility. It does not allow the links but using trending and popular hashtags on Instagram provide a great way to reach a multitude of individuals. 

7. WhatsApp –

top social media platforms for business

Being a well-popular social media platform, WhatsApp is the best messaging app used by individuals in over 200 countries. It has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. Initially, it was only used by individuals to communicate with their friends and family. Nowadays, people can also use it to start communicating with businesses.

From small business to large scale business, WhatsApp also acts as the robust business platform. It allows myriad businesses to create a proper business profile, to share updates with users about their products, services, and purchases, or to offer customer support. You can surely use this for your business profits!

8. Tumblr


In contrast to other social media websites, Tumblr has the most youthful segment of any social site. Tumblr acts as a valuable promotional tool for your business. It helps to drive a great number of visitors to your page and increment connections with your posts. It is the latent precious stone of social networking sites and a microblogging platform. Having over 510 million registered users, Tumblr helps to reach a young audience between the ages of 18 and 35. 

Does your business want to get the best opportunity to spread your root by sharing content on the web? If yes, this social networking site is the best for you. You can use Tumblr for your business effectively. Let take a glance at the top 5 ways to use Tumblr for diverse business.

  • Know Your Users
  • Follow, And Like
  • Blog With Visuals
  • Tell Your Stories
  • Use Tags
  • Reblogging

Tumblr is rendering to be a quiet achiever with millennial audiences. Organizations can catch crowd attention utilizing composed and visual content that is effectively accessible and transferrable onto other online media sites. It has a distinct “community” with heaps of running jokes, images and memes. Therefore, you ought to invest some time receiving used to it prior to utilizing it to market.

9. Quora


Besides a questioning & answering platform, Quora is a powerful advertising platform. It helps you drive heavy traffic to your websites and reach potential audiences. It has over 300 million monthly active and unique users. And it is a robust tool to establish authority and understanding questions your audiences that they want to know.  


At above, we have uncovered the top 9 social media sites that help to speed up your business growth. If you liked our blog post, let us know by typing a comment in the comment box below- which social media sites are right for your business?

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