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5 Top Security Apps For 2021 To Keep Your Device Safe

Every human has become completely reliant on the world of web. In this era, Smartphone has become the best companion for every human. From communication to managing an online business, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. In this blog, they will look 5 Top Security Apps For 2021 To Keep Your Device Safe one by one.

On the basis of the current study and research we can say that almost 90% of all Android devices are not secure. Nowadays, Safety is a number-one concern and many third-party security applications have struggled to increase it. We save most of our confidential data, files and information on our mobile phones. That’s why security apps for Smartphone are one of the most important types of app. Here’s a summary of the Best 5 Antivirus Protection Apps for 2021 that will help secure your device from virus. Take a glimpse below:

1. Norton

Norton is a security & antivirus app that offer exceptional android security features. It is free version of the applications that are available for free in the Play Store. The application precisely exposes and eliminates a wide range of malware that can hurt your electronic gadget.


  • It provides Wi-Fi security to inform you about unsafe connections.
  • It provides a secure search feature that alarms you during browsing on unreliable websites.
  • Call Blocking permits you to block undesirable calls.
  • Sneak Peek captures photos of the intruder or thief utilizing your smartphone’s camera whether you report the phone as stolen or lost.


  • It gives only a 30-day free trial. It’s free tier provides just a few features.

Supported Platforms

Norton supports Android and iOS platforms

2. McAfee

McAfee is the most reputable name in security and antivirus applications. It provides security, but it’s only not as solid, quick, smooth and simple to use as the best in this rivalry. McAfee app is one of the best theft protection tools. McAfee has so many an amazing free anti-theft features- including device optimization and real-time malware protection. When it comes to securing high-end Android device or store sensitive information, McAfee helps to prevent loss and theft. McAfee’s free Android app includes: GPS location, remote wiping and CaptureCam. The application has a natural interface and contains numerous basic as well as cutting edge features to keep from harm your device.


  • Numerous qualities, including a firewall
  • The permit covers an endless camera
  • Virus removal assurance
  • Proficient help by means of live email and chat
  • The app has highlight to catch the photographs of burglars
  • The app has features to record areas to the cloud before the cell phone closes down


  • Swelled costs
  • Conflicting outcomes with test labs
  • An abnormal port
  • A few attribute accessible at no expense
  • Memory cleaner and Battery optimizer to upgrade the memory of the cell phone and the battery.

Supported Platforms

McAfee supports Android and iOS platforms

3. Trend Micro

Trend Micro is one of the best mobile security solutions that provide cutting edge security and privacy to live your mobile life more securely. It gives clients complete perceivability and authority over their portable information, applications, and gadgets through an integrated digital console. The app is designed to safeguard your devices from online threats such as identity theft, data theft, data loss, frauds and scams.


  • The app helps you protect against ransomware and malicious applications.
  • The app helps to safeguard from unsecured WiFi-network and unwarranted access to your gadgets and hazardous websites.
  • Virus scanner
  • Excellent performance
  • Malware detecting and removing work efficiently.


  • Price boosts regularly
  • A few users recorded about many technical issues such as update error, installation errors, system update and other errors.

Supported Platforms

It supports Android and iOS platforms

4. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is one of the most reputable security apps on any device/platform, which is known for its security and performance features. It secures a huge number of digital gadgets. As indicated by Avast-Test, it is an incredible Android malware scanner. The app comes with both free and paid premium version. The free version of Avast mobile security and antivirus for Android mobile comprises of some fantastic security features for offering flexible protection against security threats that can impact on your Smartphone. The app claims of helpful premium features such as Camera Trap — a device to take audio & video of a stealer.


  • Offers anti-theft support.
  • Delivers the best web shield for trouble free web browsing that means Avast antivirus offers secure web browsing experience.
  • It work as a precise junk cleaner for wiping cache and unused files.
  • Wi-Fi Security examines public wireless networks.
  • VPN encourages you to pick up online obscurity by veiling your online visibility.


  • It capture to all time that you spend on each and every app.
  • Its firewall only works on rooted (established) gadgets.
  • A few clients confronted battery drain by managing Bluetooth as well as after installing the app.
  • A few clients revealed about many irritating warnings.

Supported Platforms

Avast Antivirus is supportable for iOS and android.

5. 360 Security

360 Security is an unbelievable security applications and antivirus for android. The application checks your applications for potential malware movement extremely quick. Its critical features incorporate garbage cleaner, speed supporter, lock screen which has numerous capacities, hostile to burglary security, CPU cooler, and so on. Alongside giving constant security, it also has a multi-work lock screen for giving your cell phone status straightforwardly to your cell phone’s lock screen.


  • The interface is an effective.
  • Provides SMS & Call Filter
  • Speed enhancer for emptying the RAM
  • It provides the best real-time and cloud-based safety
  • The cell phone application permits to distantly help other people to utilize Total Security.
  • Low framework effect when inactive.
  • Click photos of a thief who attempts to access your gadget without permission.


  • Below- normal lab test outcomes
  • Some of the valuable features aren’t available with the free version
  • Requires some tweaking for improved security
  • Get prepared for a steady ads stream

Supported Platforms

Download 360 Security Antivirus for iOS and Android.


Protection of the individual is it’s main concern. With the best-in-class and Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Your devices in 2021, you can shield your Android & ios devices from malware, ransomware, Trojan horse, phishing scams and different perils with the assistance of Malwarebytes. It recognizes dangerous perils and erases them.

When you are struggling to find 5 Top Security Apps For 2021 To Keep Your Device Safe, this blog can be easier your hectic. If you guys liked my blog, let me know which is your best-loved mobile security & antivirus solutions, through by typing an awesome comment below.

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